US To Lift Morning-After Pill Limits

US officials announced it would no longer hinder over-the-counter sales of emergency morning-after contraception to women and girls of all ages.

planbThe morning-after pill limits

The announcement means anyone will soon be able to buy the morning-after pill marketed as Plan B without doctor’s prescription. The justice department has debated against a federal judge’s order wanting to lift present age and sales limits. The decision is seen as a breakthrough in the 12-year debate to make the said emergency pill available worldwide.

Morning-after pill proposal

Under present legislation, girls only 15-years-old and above can buy the emergency contraception without a prescription. However, US district judge Edward Korman filed a proposal that the drug should be made available over-the-counter and without age limitations.

US government lawyers had appealed against Judge Korman’s proposal, arguing that he had exceeded his authority. But the justice department has just confirmed that the emergency contraception could be used safely by girls that should not be restricted from buying these drugs.

The FDA reduced the age restriction to 15 years old effective April this year.

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