Douglas’s Party Refutes Claim About Throat Cancer And Oral Sex

douglasTabloids had a field day when award-winning Oscar actor Michael Douglas announced he was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer three years ago. But, what really made the media go haywire was the claim that he got the condition from oral sex.

Douglas, who fought the throat cancer back in 2010 and 2011, seemed to have made a connection with his cancer to his sexual activities during an interview with Britain’s Guardian newspaper. One of the claims that might have sparked speculations was that he got his cancer from human papillomavirus (HPV). This type of virus is usually associated with oral, cervical, and other cases of cancer.

Douglas discussed oral sex during the interview, but didn’t say it was the specific cause of his throat cancer. According to his representatives, Douglas was only discussing cancer in general and not on personal terms. Douglas’s PR team immediately conducted damage control when the article was released, but the party says they’re not asking the newspaper to do anything.

The Guardian, however, firmly denies any misinterpretation with their published article. The newspaper had posted an audio clip and transcript of the interview on their website as proof of the exchange between Douglas and The Guardian’s writer, Xan Brooks.

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