Big Data Tech IPOs Get Stirring Market Welcome

Marketo and Tableau claimed they can teach the massive social network lessons how to stage a successful IPO. These companies successfully went public late last week because of the business models, which play into the Big Data and marketing automation trends. The key now is to develop those launches with good growth management.


Marketo and Tableau Software are having strong launches. Investors are excited about the growth in enterprise software markets, which target niches such as Big Data and marketing automation.

Tableau Software, designing data visualization software, which businesses find useful in managing enormous information, trades under the appropriate ticker symbol DATA. Its Friday IPO was a solid one. For 8.2 million shares, the company set its opening share price at US$31, and it shot up 63 % to close at $50.75. It continued its upward trajectory, trading above $58 on Monday.

Marketo also traded publicly for the first time Friday, as it appeared under the ticker ‘MKTO.’ It offers cloud-based marketing software designed to help advertisers with lead management and automation. This provides sales intelligence and analytics that extend reach across social media.

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