The Significance of School Uniforms

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school uniformIf you like going on the Internet for your daily news fix, chances are you’ve already come across a few bits about some students in America getting worked up about their dress codes. Apparently, some schools decided to ban certain clothes, and many of the students think it’s all part of a sexist agenda.

This is the kind of mess that makes school uniforms look like a good idea. School uniforms are doing school a huge favour by saving them from the embarrassing issues that plague similar institutions half a world away. But, what do they actually do to students? If everything in school is meant to train students for life in the real world, what are identical clothes training them for?

According to school psychologists, uniforms teach students plenty of lessons, but the most important ones are that they allow students to form an identity, and set their expectations for the real world. Industry veteran explained that uniforms show other people that they’re part of an organisation, making the wearers gain more credibility and instant camaraderie with people of the same group.

It’s a harsh lesson, but students need to know that not everything can go their way once they’re the ones sending out resumes. Even though modern companies encourage creativity, the fastest way of finding success is fitting into the established group. Businesses value cohesiveness just as much as skill, because hiring a genius is hardly worth it if makes everyone else quit their jobs.

Another reason for implementing a school uniform – and some say this is the most important benefit – is the belief that it reduces peer pressure. Most incidents of bullying and insecurity come from the denigration of what the victim is wearing upon initial contact with other people. Schools with uniforms hardly have this problem.

There seems to be a lot of wisdom behind the implementation of uniforms, though, not everybody will be willing to adopt them. They can serve as a helpful reminder that school is just the start of everything, and not where anyone should peak.

Fashion: Echoing Street Trends

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Fashion has always been the echo of both prevailing popular culture and counterculture. The meteoric emergence of the punk rock attitude of the 70’s, the alternative boom of Generation X in the 90’s, along with the modern flair of the generation’s Millennial all come with an inherent sense of style and sensibilities.

people passing byA Hunger for Identity

Every generation comes to a point where they inevitably want to make their own stamp on fashion and culture as a whole. This hunger for identity causes the youth’s hunger for a distinct identity to be satiated. To this end, they become as creative and outlandish as they want to be. Sometimes, they work and become trends and turn into mainstays of pop culture. Oftentimes, however, the results are comical fads that die out as quickly as they sprout.

A Never ending Cycle

Inevitably, these fashion trends grow big enough and gain mainstream acceptance. Soon they become so big that they become the prevailing norm. Yet again, they get so worn out andpassé that they cause the next generation in line to rebel against it and counter it with their own unique culture reflected in their music, art, fashion styles.

So continues the continuous cycle from one cultural trend to another. It is only natural, after all, for those at the grassroots level to sniff out the bandwagon riders who simply want to make money out of a hip cultural phenomenon.

Constants Through Changes

While the shape and form of fashion and youth culture trends keep changing, there are still some things that essentially stay the same. According to companies that offer Brixton Clothing items, many brands with their own unique identity can endure through the changes of the times simply because they do not hop onto bandwagons and redefine themselves in accordance to the whims of the prevailing winds.

Fashion has always been a mirror of youth culture. Their attitude reflects in what they wear and how they wear their clothes, along with how they carry themselves. Current fashion is an entity shaped with the distinct mark of every generation of the past.

The Path to Progress

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educationProgress is only possible when people start working together towards a common goal, and the rule stays the same regardless if it’s individuals or entire groups. The latter is much more difficult to accomplish, but the rewards of success are also much greater.

Coming Together

This is why the Mapua Institute of Technology recently collaborated with Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio. According to Mapua’s President and CEO Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, the partnership between the two schools is all about developing an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in the student body.

The school will be implementing this new mindset by creating an “invention center” similar to the one CWRU has. This is a special laboratory wherein students, faculty, and alumni can invent as creatively as they can. Through this center, students are supposed to be able to think about the needs of society and work with other people in finding ways to solve them.

The success of engineers is always good news for everyone else. There are a few questions surrounding the effectiveness of this plan in real world application. What are the realistic expectations of the program, and where is it more likely to succeed?

Realistic Expectations

The most likely scenario that will come out of this partnership – at least for the first few years – is Mapua catching up with the standards of CWRU. The only question is how fast Mapua can match their American partners to make the relationship look more like a partnership.

According to experts observing the situation, the renowned Philippine school can find equal footing with CWRU in as soon as four to five years, depending on the management of the program. People need to remember that Mapua is the top engineering schools in the Philippines and a high-ranking engineering university in the Asian landscape.

The four years will serve more as a getting to know period for the students going into the center to get their feet wet in the new system. They’ll get the hang of it before long, and people will start seeing the new creative solutions to many of the infrastructure problems that Filipinos face every day.

Three Tips on Creating Effective Vehicle Wraps

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trailerVehicle wraps are a great way to promote your business and upcoming events in an artistic and visually appealing way. Having bumper-to-bumper vehicle wraps can transform your wheels into a moving billboard. This is an affordable way to advertise your small business.

Triune Specialty Trailers offers insights on how to reach the full potential of this type of advertisement.

Forget Personal Taste

Just because you own the business or are organizing the event doesn’t mean your personal taste is the best option. The preferences of your target market should still be top priority. Find out about their interests and get an idea of what they like to determine vehicle wrap designs that will work. The two best choices are a simple yet classy design or a bold creation with shock value. Choose based on what will connect with your audience for a successful campaign.

Make Your Message Clear and Precise

Vehicle signs may reach thousands of people, but they have only three to six seconds to read your signage. To make your message sink in, it has to be clear and to the point. Leave a lasting impression with a catchy tagline, and then make sure the details are all there. People usually look at the image first, then read from left to right. Strategically place these two together in a way that will make the person process everything.

Match the Vehicle’s Attributes

Make sure your ad and the style of vehicle will complement each other. Play on the attributes of the vehicle and use it to your advantage. The more they fit together, the better your ad will look.

Ask for professional help to guarantee the success of your vehicle wrap. You’ll either leave a good or bad impression to thousands of people, so you might as well plan and execute it properly to gain more customers instead of losing them.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: What You Can Do to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store

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store“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” – Sven Goran Eriksson

Too often, we allow worries and doubts to control our lives. Though we know that doing so would not result in anything, many of us probably still fear failure at one point or another. Fears like these are most common in the world of business.

One thing is certain these days: the competition is tough. As a small business owner, you always need to find effective ways to stand out in a crowded market. Though the impact of online business on retailing is profound, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to grow and succeed. When you own a retail store, you have to constantly make an impression on your customers.

So, if you think your store feels a bit gloomy, maybe a few changes will brighten things up and help boost your sales.

Start from the Outside

If you are in a city with great foot traffic, you must learn how to build an outstanding presence and differentiate your business. A happy and attractive store starts with a stunning entryway. Look for an attention-grabbing entrance floor mats, be it a simple mat with “Welcome” or “Come In.” The secret to making customers feel welcome is through your choice of color. If this sounds difficult, let a professional help you create a hospitable store. You can change floor mats every month to refresh your image.

Create a Stunning Window Display

When your storefront is lucky to feature one or more windows, then use it to your advantage. Just have fun, be creative, and let your imagination guide you. You can make the seasonal decorations or special deals the focal point. Hang paper lanterns, highlight your new products, and add some colorful potted flowers inside.

Organize Products by Color

Whether you are selling clothes or beauty products, grab someone’s attention by arranging them according to color. In one shelf, for instance, place all those with a touch of purple. Then, do this to other shelves with another set of color. The more organized your products are, the better. Remember, a cluttered store is less appealing to the eyes.

It’s no secret that all types of businesses compete for a consumer’s attention. The best thing you can do is try to rise above the competition. Take risks, create a solid game plan, and seek expert advice. There is nothing impossible if you believe and focus on your strengths.